Jennifer Moreau

Deputy Chair of Adv. Board

I joined the board of the ECA as a representative of the Belgian Association of Conductive Education (

In 1995, I graduated as an Occupational Therapist and , since 1996, I have been working at ‘La Famille’, Brussels, where Conductive Education has been the reference  for many years.

I was trained and supervised in Conductive Education by Yves Bawin who was my mentor and close colleague during 20 years. I also followed different conductive seminars and projects abroad or in collaboration with European conductive colleagues. Within « La Famille » Centre, I kept strong connections with the Petö Institute (training sessions in Budapest, supervisions in La Famille, …). I also followed different trainings in pediatric neurology, as well as a 2 year training in NDT-Bobath in order to open my mind, to learn and to understand more about current neurological therapies  and  make connections with other professionals.
I have a wide range of experience in CE (baby-parents, nursery, kindergarten and primary school) and I’m always eager to learn.

At present, I’m responsible of the Conductive Education project at ‘La Famille’. ( Furthermore, I lead the Conductive Education training Centre in Belgium: ‘Le Fil Conducteur’ (
My motivation to join the ECA is to support Conductive Education in Europe, facilitate exchanges of experiences in CE and continue to develop the training and the quality of the work in Belgium