The Team of ECA

The ECA has a great team of eleven board members made up of several different countries.

We work voluntarily despite our busy jobs and family lives. We all have come in contact with Conductive Education through our career and personal encounters, we are qualified in the pedagogical, medical or both fields. We have made friends with people with disabilities and cannot think of a life without our friends. Discrimination and exclusion do not have space in our lives.

Many of us have worked for Conductive Education for many years and we are at work with enthusiasm, fun and all our heart. We are a great colorful bunch of professionals with a huge network of professionals built up over many years.

We have come a long way and reached so much, more needs to be done to fulfill our vision. We will give everything it takes!

Board Members Presentation

Beate Höß-Zenker


Beate Höß-Zenker in dark blue suit with glasses and round necklace. Shoulder long blond hair. Smiling into camera.

Eva Szabò Feketènè

1st Vice President

Eva Feketene Sabeo, Hungary. Blond, short hair smiliing with black blose and white background.

Eszter Horváth Tóthné

2nd Vice president 

Esther Horvath Tothne, black short hair, glasses, striped scarf and light blue pullover, smiling.

Krisztina Desits

3rd Vice president

Kristina Desits with coloured background, mittlelong blond hair, black top, smiling.

Bettina Tautscher-Fak

Secretary and Deputy Treasurer

Betting Tautscher-Fak with middle long hair in white, red striped t-shirt.

Melanie Brown

Chair of Adv. Board

Elderly lady dressed in grey jacket with nice logo.

Zsofia Nádasi

Deputy Secretary

Zsofia Nadasi with middle long brown hair smiling in blue white stripe jumper.

Jennifer Moreau

Deputy Chair of Adv. Board

Jennifer Moreau. Brown mittlelong ahir, grey jumper smiling happily.

Eszter Daróczy


Esther Daroczy, short red hair, pink blouse, talking.

Dr. Tenk Miklósné dr. Andrea Zsebe

Representative of  the Semmelweis University, András Pető Faculty

Head of Dr. Andrea Zsebe, smiling dressed in black with neclace.
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