ECA Specialised Sections

The ECA collaboration between Advisory Board and its representatives

The ECA identifiedf 5 specialised sections in which we want to intensify our work. Colleagues of the ECA advisory board, together with four external representatives from different countries and various conductive backgrounds, are working in different teams on the development of these 5 sections.

CE Research & development
Scientific research substanciates the value and benefit of conductive education to clients. Conductive education needs adoption in line with current standards.
Socio-political and legal matters
The forth brining of the legalisation of the profession conductor, as well as rrising legal matters are amongst our main goals.
Communication and networking
We exchange with families, professionals (medicine, pedagogy, politics, rehabilitation). A growing network, promotion is key to our work.
Training and quality management
Establishing training facilities and coopertations between universities plus control of the qulit of offered CE servies are of vital importance
Providers and persons involved
We stand in close contact with institutions and persons involved in the field of conductive education