Questions & Answers

Who can join the ECA?

Anyone can become a member of ECA.

What kind of Memberships are available?

  • Individual Membership
  • Parent Association
  • Ordinary Member
  • Institution, Firm
  • Sponsoring Member
  • 48,- Euro
  • 150,- Euro
  • 150,- Euro
  • 500,- Euro
  • Optional

Which Documents are needed?

  • Articles of own Association (ordinary members only)
  • Two References

How can I / We become a member?

You will need to fill in the Application Membership Form (click on the button on the right-hand side) and return it to ECA. Once all requested documents have been approved by the Executive Board you will receive confirmation of your membership by post or via e-mail.

Termination of membership

Your membership can be withdrawn at any time during the year. Fees will not be refunded.

Where does my/our money go?

Most of our work is done voluntarily. The donations and fees enable us to fund EU projects, travel costs, employ graphic designers for brochures, enhance websites for promotion and achieve our objectives.