The Conductor

The “Conductor” is the teacher, the brain, the trained professional specialist, who delivers the conductive system to the disabled person together with his/her team. The conductor ensures the effective and efficient implementation of Conductive Education.

To guarantee the quality of Conductive Education in accordance to the original and successful practice of András Petö, it is vital to establish as many professional conductive education training centres as possible, each with the same fundamental expertise.

The ECA has made it their task to initiate the implementation and support of these training facilities and we are in close collaboration with the Semmelweis University, the cradle of conductive education in Hungary. Some of our board members are actively involved in the education and teaching as a conductor and are placed at the Conductive Education training centres.

Conductors are high in demand throughout the world and we would like to motivate young people to choose a profession as a conductor. The job itself is highly rewarding not only to help disabled children and adults, but also to see the fruits of the work when a disabled person reaches more and more independence.

Depending on the program each country offers, the education as a qualified conductor can take up to 4 years.

Professional Profile

The ECA has established a written profile of the profession “Conductor” which explains the profession in all its detail.

Conductor Training Facilities

At current, there are training facilities in seven countries. Download to view:






United Kingdom

United States of Amerika