Melanie Brown

Chair of Adv. Board

Board member of ECA, 1st Vicepresident

The National Institute of Conductive Education, Birmingham, United Kingdom.
In 1992 I qualified as a conductor, at the Petö Institute in Hungary and specialised in adult services at The National Institute of Conductive Education, Birmingham, UK. I am currently Director and Senior Conductor of Adult Services and Training. This role involves strategic development, research activities, international consultancy, CE practice, running of accredited training in CE including the BA Hons conductor training and post graduate modules for existing professionals. In 1991 I completed my MA in Education and in 2001 my PhD. I co-ordinated a research project examining the benefits of CE on quality of life for adults and am currently leading a three year research project on CE for stroke survivors. I have published in a range of journals and presented worldwide. I co-ordinated the establishment of CEPEG and PCA and currently sit on both committees.